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Organic jewellery - Uurte Design.

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Vipera necklace - adjusted into wild curvature mode


All products are designed and made in Finland by a finnish jewellery designer Iiro Partanen.


Not a single wooden part of UURTE jewellery is manufactured abroad. Even the smallest of pearls is all Finnish craftmanship. UURTE jewellery is 100% made in Finland.


Individual product based price queries are answered by telephone and e-mail, E-mail address and phone number are located in the contact information.


Delivery in Finland: The products are mainly delivered by cash on delivery; the payment will be made at time of collection from the post office. The price is 6,5 euros. Other means of delivery are possible.

DELIVERY OVERSEAS: After an account transfer has been made prior to posting. The delivery method is post insured delivery. Cost of delivery: 14,50 euros when package weighs under 250g. (All individual products on this site are under this weight limit. In the case of heavier deliveries, the posting price will be individually determined.

The time of delivery is two weeks for domestic deliveries and three weeks for international deliveries unless otherwise specified.

RUSH ORDER FEE: Products can be made within 24 hrs if necessary for an additional rush order fee. However, it is not possible to make all designs within such time limits. The rush order fee is an additional 50 % to the original price of the product. For example, a product costing 100 euros will cost 150 euros as a rush order and if possible will be posted the next day. The finishing and posting date, and the assumed delivery day will be notified at time of order.


Individual custom made pieces of jewelry can be made from drawings and description.


Some products are awaiting acclimation from the patents authority of Finland (NBPR).

Product line

  • Roselet & T-Rapp Conforma
  • Tear Of The Desert
  • Puls-Ar
  • Lu-Kru
  • Laawa
  • Vulkaani
  • Combinin Hearts
  • Vipera bracelet